Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is traditionally used as a tea, but also as a tincture, syrup, foot soak or bath herb, salve or cream.

AOR Bone Basics, 120 capsules

Supports bone health and cartilage repair

AOR Bone Basics, 240 capsules

Supports bone health and cartilage repair

Boneset Leaf

The entire plant has traditional uses, including leaf, stem and flower, but typically only the above-ground parts of boneset are collected. The herb is dried and chopped.

Buchu Leaf

Buchu is most often prepared as a tea or tincture, often combined with couchgrass, corn silk, cranberry, cleavers, dandelion, goldenrod, parsley, and/or uva ursi.

St Francis Bupleurum, 100ml

Protect and support the functioning of your liver with our Bupleurum Tincture.

Burdock Root, cut

Burdock is considered by many herbalists to be the best known medicinal for skin conditions (Hoffman, Moore). This herb is highly effective, gentle, and multipurpose. It promotes the flow of bile and also increases circulation to the skin.

AOR C + Bioflavonoids, 100 caps

Vitamin C complex with the benefits of bioflavonoids

Hollow Reed Herbals Cajeput/Cajput 5 ml

Maleluca cajputi pure essential oil

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Calendula Flower

Calendula Flower

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), calendula (called Jin Zhan Ju) is considered energetically neutral and drying and is used to support healthy skin.

Camphor 10ml

Cinnamomum camphora pure essential oil

Hollow Reed Holistic Caraway 5 ml

Carum carvi pure essential oil

Hollow Reed Herbals Cardamom 5% 10ml

Elettaria cardamomum essential oil, 5% diluted in jojojba

Hollow Reed Herbals Carrot Seed 5% 10ml

Daucus carota essential oil, 5% diluted in jojojba

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Castor Oil 250 mL

Castor Oil 250 mL

Castor Oil relieves pain, aids circulation, enhances the condition of tissues and organs beneath the skin, stimulates and detoxifies the liver, promotes elimination, eases inflammation, and improves digestion.

Cat's Claw Bark

Usually used as a tincture. The tannins in the herb are released only if it is taken in an acidic medium; add a little lemon juice to a quarter-cup of water to which you add the tincture or prepare as a tea.


Catnip was prized for its ability to calm occasional nervousness and promote restful sleep. It was used as a relaxant and to reduce fevers. Catnip was often used to support healthy digestion.

Hollow Reed Herbals Catnip 10% 5ml

Nepeta cataria 10% in jojoba

Hollow Reed Herbals Cedarwood, 5% 10ml

Cedrus atlantica essential oil, 5% diluted in jojojba

Healingherbs Cerato Flower Essences 7.5ml

Ceratostigma willmottiana (blue)

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Ceremonial Matcha Powder

Ceremonial Matcha Powder

Organic matcha tea is a deeply alluring beverage containing rich historic roots within Japanese tea drinking ceremonies.

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