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About Chad Cornell 

Over the years, Chad Cornell has felt increasingly called upon to assist with the healing of addiction and mental health challenges within his community.  His unique education and experience have proven to be powerfully healing and transformative for those seeking to regain control over their lives and health.  As his personal biography demonstrates, his spectrum of training and experience is not one that could be easily attained in the modern educational institutions of today. 

As a trained and qualified Integrative Herbalist and Mind Body Therapist, Chad carries a refined personal view of addiction with both a practical and experiential approach.  His perspective includes the interwoven importance of healing one's mind, body, and soul. He teaches very specific practices and methods that address addiction through an understanding that its symptoms as physical / biochemical, spiritual, ancestral and collective pattern of dis-ease.  It is for this reason that Chad takes an integrative and holistic approach for those in recovery.  

Chad's own personal and family history exposed him early on to the depth of pain and struggle in addiction, and this has greatly driven both his passion and compassion in this area.  His own journey led him to learn many timeless and emerging practical methods of balancing body chemistry, gut health, and restoring one's inner personal integrity.   Some of his less common learning comes from a diversity of traditional plant medicine and spiritual healers, including out of jungles of the Amazon, the forests of Canada, as well as teachers carrying the ancient wisdom of India and Tibet.  Along with having many diverse teachers and developing specific practices and mind body therapies, his study of the chemistry of addiction have all woven together to create a unique and effective pathway and process for recovery.

Through his work in addiction, Chad demonstrates that our struggles and challenges can act as a catalyst for a new personal life story to be born. In truth, many great leaders of our past and present have had to overcome deep, dark and often life threatening challenges. With the right guidance, these challenges can act as a reservoir of opportunity for transformation and healing.  Chad has been and continues to be inspired and honoured to be a part of this journey for others.

He currently offers individual and group sessions related to healing and addiction. This includes a very unique process of guided meditation known as The Jyoti Heart Space Meditation. This healing approach to meditation has proven to be deeply powerful, healing, and cathartic.  This practice can be considered a self empowering way to regulate moods, cravings, and unwholesome patterns.  Other important topics that can be covered include; alternative methods of generating healthy body and brain chemistry, the often overlooked importance pillars of diet and nutrition, the potential of natural and holistic remedies such as herbal medicine, ways to connect with nature and self via practices like journaling and other ways to develop self awareness and personal expression.  One example is the proven power of learning percussion in individual or group drumming sessions.  As human beings we are looking for a life of meaning, and part of that can be belonging to the right groups of people focussed on new ways of feeling alive.   

For more information on booking Chad at your recovery centre, for booking with him personally, or to reserve a copy of his upcoming workbook, please email [email protected]








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