Entheogen & Psychedelic Integration Therapy

This is not a service that provides or uses any illegal or psychedelic drugs.  However, there is an increasing amount of interest in practices like meditation, breath work, and psychedelic plants.  Unfortunately, as people do so, they can also experience the magnification of some of the obstacles on the path of personal healing or awakening.  As a result, some of those who use psychedelic medicines run into to some very unstable mental, spiritual, and emotional territory.  In many cases the brighter the light one accesses - the deeper the unconscious shadow that may be uncovered as well.  This takes some delicate integration for the ego, and some graceful navigation, as one processes some of the pitfalls of our collective society, and problematic ancestral and personal patterns.

It is not uncommon for "negative" states or spiritual "crisis" to occur when we devote ourselves to a process of unfolding.  In many cases it is similar to physical healing crisis that we might see when someone is cleansing their physical body.  However, crisis when managed well, can be a key part to our evolution and our moving to new heights of well being, clarity, and happiness.  When not managed well they can simply over tax our capacities to process and really harm our sense of well being, clarity, and happiness. Instead we can feel deeply confused, very scared, and very lost.   

As an trained herbalist and holistic therapist, Chad Cornell has helped many people over the past 16 years in his full time practice.  He feels that holistic healing and herbalism in general is possibly the most prepared to deal with the emerging casualties that are resulting from the modern psychedelic renaissance. After all, herbalists and "medicine people" are the only real experts in plant knowledge in our culture at this time.

True herbalism has never simply looked at plants nor physical healing without accounting for ones mental, emotional, and spiritual state as well.  There is much more going on in this process that chemicals impacting organs.  Healing is a process and it involves accessing the inner peace and vitality that arises as a result of the right diet, lifestyle, and a deep and balanced sense of self in relation to the rest of nature and other human beings.  

Though it is clear that there are benefits and medicinal effects offered by marijuana and many other psycho-trophic plants, there are also some very real and under disucssed pitfalls as well.  These plants have been used for so many centuries, and often in a very sacred way, in many cultures around the world. So called "magic mushrooms", Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, and many others have been a key part of many healing and spiritual traditions.  However, what we lack in our modern world is the context and guidance required to screen  out, protect, and guide people through the deep process of awakening to their true nature and integrating the shadow material and their subconscious mind they encounter.  These days one can just order these powerful medicines online and take them alone at home with no guidance at all.  

In addition to this, some people are simply not well wired or well suited to certain of the above mentioned plants or practices at all.  Or at the least they require a lot of care and help in the process of integration. In our modern ignorance we have lost the grace, skill, and methods of many of the ancient traditions which guided our youth and societies in general through such transformative processes.  Ideally, one is guided before, during, and after their journey.  

Instead we have made these substances "products" and even the most powerful of some of these plants / mushrooms / brews are administered in far too casual ways in "weekend retreats." Such approaches can leave participants to fend for themselves and try to integrate having there entire world view changed, and sense of self deeply altered - in one evening.  Even marijuana, which has many health benefits to offer, can really imbalance the minds of certain individuals prone to psychosis due to the incredibly strong modern versions of it found in the marketplace.  In such cases people can be opened up to all kinds of very terrifying archetypal situations that require the guidance and skill of someone who knows the terrain they are wading through.  

it is clear that psychedelics, breath work, yogic practices, and the quest for personal transformation are ramping up in our modern times.  There reasons for this are many, but we have to evolve as a culture to understand the sensitive nature of this process and humbly seek to re-ingrate the timeless wisdom that must accompany the administration of such powerful practices and medicines.  

Though we are not in a position to condone the use of certain still illegal "drugs" or "teacher medicines" publicly, they are clearly being sought, found, and used by more and more people who are in a desperate battle for the health of their body and soul in an era of great confusion and disconnection.  Our work now is to maximize the potential of the the psychedelic approach and minimize the trauma or casualties of this cultural transformation.  This is the process of Psychedelic integration.  

If you would like to book a session via Zoom or in person please contact Chad Cornell via email at [email protected] or by phone at The Hollow Reed School of Healing Arts.   

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