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St Francis Dong Quai 100ml

Dong Quai is used in Herbal Medicine to relieve the pain associated with menstruation.

Dong Quai serves to treat a range of gynecological problems, such as the symptoms of menopause, menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual periods, retarded menstrual flo

St Francis Ear Oil, 30ml

Ear Oil includes Mullein which is used in traditional Western herbalism for earaches.

A highly effective remedy for relieving the inflammation, pain, discomfort, and itching associated with ear infections. It has proven very useful for swimmer's ear, n

St Francis Echinacea 100ml

Traditionally used to combat colds, flu, and infection and for the relief of sore throats related to colds. Used as supportive therapy in the management of upper respiratory and urinary infections.

St Francis Echinacea Goldenseal 50ml

Relieve the symptoms of your cold and shorten its duration with the superb two-herb combination of our Echinacea Goldenseal Tincture.

St Francis EchinaSeal 50 ml

EchinaSeal® helps to relieve sore throats and/or mouth and throat infections.

EchinaSeal® - Our Foremost Infection Fighter

Same Great Formula, Same Reassuringly Awful Taste

Ferlow Ferlow Neem Oil, 30 ml

Our unique Neem Oil (from the kernels of the seeds), is blended with grape seed oil, organic rose hip seed oil (Rosa Mosqueta), and natural source Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol). This creates a deeply active oil that soothes and calms extremely sensitive

Ferlow Ferlow Neem Soap

This is a very gentle soap that is suitable for sensitive and dry skins and can be used all over the body, including the face.

*This soap is wrapped in Handmade paper from Nepal, that supports fair wages and good working conditions for women. "

Ferlow Ferlow Rosa Soap

All natural rosa scented soap.

St Francis Feverfew 100ml

Feverfew Tincture helps to prevent migraine headaches.

Flu Tea/Elder Combo Tea, 80g

Ingredients: Elderflower, Yarrow, Peppermint, Cayenne, Reships, Peppermint

St Francis Ginkgo Complete 100ml

Panloba® is used in herbal medicine to help support cognitive function.

Headlined by ginkgo, Panloba® contains four herbs specifically chosen to address memory and mental agility. This herbal formula also includes bacopa, a herb that has been used as a

St Francis Ginkgo, 100 mL

Ginkgo is used in Herbal Medicine to support peripheral circulation.

Ginkgo leaf is used for vascular and mixed dementia, as well as Alzheimer's, and to treat conditions associated with cerebral vascular insufficiency, especially in the elderly, includ

Grandpa's Wormwood Ointment, 50ml

Pleasant to use where an ointment or salve is wanted for minor cuts & scrapes, insect bites, cracked skin, sore muscles & joints. For relief of cough due to cold, rub well over chest & back.

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Heyru Shea Butter 7oz

Heyru Shea Butter 7oz

Shea Butter (Pure, Raw & Whipped)

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St Francis Holy Basil 100 mL

St Francis Holy Basil 100 mL

Holy Basil is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to help relieve coughs (Kasa) and colds (Pratisyaya) and to benefit the heart, as a heart tonic (Hrdya).

St. Francis Herb Farm's Holy Basil tincture is certified organic.   

Prairie Doctor Brand Kava Root, 50 ml

Vanuatan Kava herbal tincture has traditionally been used in Herbal Medicine as a calmative and/or a sleep aid.

St Francis Kolesist/Gallbladder Support 50ml

Relieve your digestive disturbances, especially gallbladder problems, with our Gallbladder Support formula.

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Hollow Reed Herbals Lavender 10ml

Hollow Reed Herbals Lavender 10ml

Lavendula angustifolia essential oil diluted at 5% jojoba

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Prairie Doctor Brand Lion's Mane 50ml

Prairie Doctor Brand Lion's Mane 50ml

organic Lion's Mane herbal tincture is a source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties.

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St Francis Maca 100ml

St Francis Maca 100ml

Maca helps to support emotional aspects of sexual health. Helps support mood balance during menopause. Has antioxidants. Acts as an immunostimulant, a nutritive, and an aphrodisiac, enhancing fertility and sexual potency. It improves energy and stamina.

AOR Maca 180 caps

Supports sexual health and hormonal health

St Francis Milk Thistle, 100ml

Milk Thistle is used in Herbal Medicine as a liver protectant and to help support liver function.
St. Francis Herb Farm's Milk Thistle tincture is certified organic.

Milky Way Tea, 55g

Ingredients: Alfalfa, Nettle, Fennel, Chamomile, Goat's Rue, and Ginger.

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