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A combination online / home study herbal learning series. Dozens of hours of video, audio, and live meet ups online with Herbalist and guide Chad Cornell. A practical and effective way to reconnect, heal, and play our part.



General Program Information...

Hollow Reed School of Healing Arts - Home Study, Live Classes & Online Wisdom Series


There has never been a better time to reconnect to nature’s medicine, wisdom, and our traditional healing ways.  There is increasing interest, need, and amount of modern research supporting the importance of natural medicine’s as well as real and wild harvested foods.  This is important for our health, and the health of our loved ones, but it also represents our freedom and the importance of playing our part in keeping our ancestral human wisdom of nature alive.   

This unique course design is a shorter and less intensive alternative to the 3 year Integrative Herbalism Apprenticeship Program offered by Herbalist Chad Cornell.  The longer more intensive program outline can be seen at hollowreedholistic.ca. The reality is that not everyone wants to become a professional practicing herbalist.  Some students simply want to help themselves, and those close to them, and enjoy the process of learning and networking with like minded spirits along the way.  

Focusing our attention and energy towards learning natural healing methods is a powerful form of positive action at this pivotal time on our planet.  Just as languages have gone extinct, so too can other forms of knowledge like natural healing wisdom and planet medicine know how that has been passed on from generation to generation.  It is also no conspiracy theory that there is an unprecedented influence of large pharmaceutical companies on our governments process of regulation.  We are seeing more and more political and regulatory pressure crushing quality herbal operations across North America and our world.  

Yet true herbalism, and traditional and alternative approaches to healing are making a massive return into our culture - and for good reasons.   These plants have seen us through all kinds of challenges throughout history, they’ve been used by our physicians and medicine people for centuries, and are the foundation of many pharmaceutical patents. Though some people think this to be a superfluous topic, nothing could be further from the truth.  Plants offer us the very air we breathe, the foods we eat, they feed the animals we eat, and they give us clothing, shelter and of course medicine.  Other natural remedies ranging from bee propolis, to fungi, and flower essences all play their part in our natural healing history and the modern apothecary.  

Though many of these miracles are sometimes called weeds, like dandelions, practical and helpful herbalists will be impossible to get rid of… if we each play our part keeping the knowledge and wisdom alive at a grassroots level.  


Series Hybrid Design 

Rather than this being another canned herbalism course, this hybrid study design is a combination of video, audio, live gatherings and one on one meeting options between student and teacher.  Herbalism is a living tradition, and it is ideal to have a guide that has been practicing herbalism for many years, someone you can speak to and consult with your questions.

You will find professionally made videos of herbal walks, classes, a downloadable PDF Herbalism Fundamentals Guide and, of course, a screening of our 4 part, award winning documentary series, Our Common Roots - Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing with Plants.  You will join Herbalist Chad Cornell, with special guests Maya Tiwari, Terry Willard, Stephen Buhner and others to explore our collective global traditions of healing with plants, fungi, and the combined potential of nature, wisdom, consciousness, and love. 

This learning series has taken over 10 years to create and the content found within it is being enjoyed around the world ~ from Australia to the UK, South America and Africa to right here in Manitoba. If you are interested in learning more about the local wild foods and medicines that grow around you, as well as the art and science of healing, then you will definitely enjoy this series.  

Certification Upon Completion  

After completing this content you will be an amazing knowledge resource for your community.  After you write a final review you will receive an HWS Community Knowledge Carrier Certificate of completion.




1.  Our Common Roots Video Documentary: Online viewing of this inspiring and educational award-winning film. 


2.  Our Herbalism Fundamentals and Field Guides: Covering many commonly found plants, and how to use them from the perspective of practical herbalism - the wisdom of East and West, formula making in theory and practice, key terms of action and the language of the herbalist, as well as exciting emerging research and more.   


3.  Instructional Teaching Videos: Dozens of hours of video and audio - both in class and in the field! Chad Cornell discusses a large diversity of plants, their herbal properties and real-world use based on their deep real-world insight as a practicing herbalist with 20 years experience.  


4.  Herbal Medicine Series (six hours):


  • Chad Cornell covers The History of a Living Tradition
  • A New Generation of Knowledge Carriers 
  • The Importance of Local Access, Plant ID, Preparation and Storage
  • The Elementals – Ayurveda and Beyond / Body as Ecosystem
  • Yin & Yang in Practice - Energetics of Herbalism 
  • The Fundamental Actions of Herbs
  • Intro to Creating Formulas
  • Intro to Preparations
  • The Art of Healing - Using the Left and Right
  • Medicine Dreaming - Working with Dreams and Guided Visualization 
  • Food as Medicine
  • Wild Harvesting Guidelines & Chart
  • Essential Herbs for Every Home
  • Plants & Consciousness - Non linear Ways of Knowing & Being
  • The Various Ways To Perceive Health - Mind/Body & The Frontier of Frequency.
  • Designing Your Own Medicine Chest
  • Grassroots Health Care - Our Relationship to Nature and Affordable Healthcare.  
  • Preparing for Change - Body, Mind, and Soul. 


5.  Herbal Actions and Properties: From Adaptogen to Vermifuges.  An in-depth look at herbal actions and properties. 


7. Interviews and Presentations - A continuing education series of videos and podcasts. Program members will have exclusive access to discussions from prominent herbal elders such as Dr. Terry Willard Cl.H. Maya Tiwari, renowned spiritual teacher - Ayurveda pioneer, Vedic scholar, author Stephen Buhner and others.  This series of programs will prove valuable for wisdom seekers of all stages, whether you are a budding herbalist, or an established professional you'll find that it's not only filled with quality information but transformative wisdom as well.  


8.  Group Herb Huddle Monthly Online - We will meet 3 times over a period of 3 months to start with.  These meetings are to spotlight certain remedies and topics, to cover additional content relevant to today, and to answer any questions.  Continuing education options will be available for those in the group that wish to continue onward and possibly even enter the Apprenticeship Program.  


9.  Private Sessions: In person or online meetings with your teacher and guide Chad Cornell are a special option, and available upon request.  These sessions can be booked as needed or desired for an additional fee.     


About Chad Cornell, Integrative Master Herbalist  

Over the past 20 years, Chad Cornell ~ Owner of The Hollow Reed School of Healing Arts & Herbals has been guiding himself and others towards a greater experience of health and well-being.  While primarily working with modern understandings of health and physiology, Chad also draws deeply from his training in traditions such as Ayurveda (India), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and both Eclectic Herbalism and Indigenous herbal healing lineages of the Americas. He has run a holistic centre and lead countless retreats in the Boreal Forest and across Canada.  


Chad graduated as a Master Herbalist in 2003, he studied Ayurveda via The Ayurvedic Institute, Wild Rose College, and under a variety of Traditional Healers and meditation teachers. He has been devoted and passionate about working alongside his clients to assist them in restoring their natural state of health and happiness for 2 decades.  He has proven himself especially useful in situations where other modalities, practitioners, and approaches have not been helpful.  Over time Chad realized we will be needing more Herbalists and decided to design the course he wished he could find when he was just starting out as a budding herbalist.    

He works annually with the University of Winnipeg / Indigenous Studies Department to teach herbal plant medicines to students alongside traditional Elders. He has also taught natural healing principles to medical students at the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Campus Integrative Medicine Program for 4 years.  He currently leads mind body group healing sessions for local addiction recovery centres in Manitoba as well.   

Chad is also the author and presenter of the film Our Common Roots - Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing with Plants. The internationally acclaimed film can be found on GAIA and has a field guidebook available. Currently, he provides the Integrative Herbalism Apprenticeship Program for students across Canada and the U.S.  He is also committed to helping to educate the public and the next generations on the safe use of entheogenic plants, their potential and risks, as they emerge into a more popular place in our culture.




OCR & Integrative Herbalism Studies Testimonies


“This brings together the wisdom of the ages into a form that is palatable for the current era of intelligent seekers.”


- Dr. Terry Willard, founder of The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing


“Captures the essence of the human relationship with plants, of our need for them, of their grace, and of their healing.  I recommend it very highly.” 


- Stephen Harrod Buhner - herbalist and author of The Secret Teachings of Plants, and Plant Intelligence and The Imaginal Realm.  


“A beautiful and heartfelt and informative journey through the healing world of plants.”


- Dr Greg Cherish M.D.  University of Manitoba Medical School - Integrative Program.


“Cornell has a way of transmitting knowledge to the layperson and professionals alike that makes this material an integral part in the study or practice of all forms of healing” 


  •  Dr. S. Czajko, DTCM, RA


Student Testimonials


"I am so impressed with the Integrative Herbal Apprenticeship Program taught by Chad Cornell, M.H. Before embarking on this journey, I had bits and pieces of knowledge, with no way to bring it together. This program has helped me develop a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of plant medicine and healing as a general practice. It has taught me that herbalism isn't a career choice but an honour, and I am truly grateful and honoured to carry the tradition. The apprenticeship program has been a gift, and I am excited to continue with it. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels called to deepen their relationship with the plant medicine world, as well as their true authentic Self." 


~ Annie Crema, Squamish B.C. 


“My journey into the program started from my passion to provide efficacious healing for my community, but it has also permeated the deepest layers of being, to really help me understand why Chad reminds us ‘Healer, heal thyself’. That healing has provided deeper understanding of the teachings, and greater empathy for the journeys of the members of my community. While it hasn’t always been easy, the increased practice of discipline is unto itself a healing process that provides great wisdom that was well known to our ancestors.” 


- Chaley Martens, Winnipeg, MB


"The Integrative Herbalist Program through Master Herbalist Chad Cornell allows one the space and opportunity to cultivate experience and knowledge from vast areas of interest in the herbal medicine world. Throughout my time as an apprentice herbalist, I have undertaken learning topics such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic practices, anatomy, herbal remedies, healing with whole foods, among others. The integrative approach allows each apprentice to follow their own path of interests, while still adhering to the outline of the Herbalist Program. The Apprentice Program instilled a drive to learn and experience what I could not have thought possible before, such as working with energies, astrology, and breath work. Additionally, the summer herb retreats out onto the land, rejuvenating oneself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while seeing directly for yourself the wild Manitoba plants and herbs in their natural environment. The Integrative Herbalist Program in short not only taught me about herbs, healing, and health, it taught me about myself and how to navigate and integrate myself more holistically into our world today." 


~ Ryan Kologinski, Winnipeg, MB


“The Herbalist Apprenticeship program with Chad Cornell is so much more than just learning about plants and herbs. It is a program that integrates all modalities of healing. You will deepen your connection with yourself while deepening your connection to Mother Earth and all living things. While learning how to heal others, you will also learn how to heal yourself and how to become “whole”. The practices you learn while working with Chad will serve you and will serve the people around you for the rest of your life. “ 


David Toews, Kenora, ON


“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be guided through herbalism by Master Herbalist, Chad Cornell. His Apprenticeship Program has been a knowledgeable and heartfelt journey through science and spirit. I am confident that this knowledge, integrating past and present, ancient and current, will be the foundation in my practice of guiding others toward their path of healing.”


~ Stephanie Snadden, MB


"The Integrative Herbalist program has been an important part of my development not only as a healer, but as a more mature and whole human in general. Chad’s wisdom, friendship and guidance has given me a rich base and anchor in my personal growth. We come to this work to offer people healing through natural means. Chad’s program goes far beyond that, addressing balance on all fronts, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In this program we explore both east and west, ancient, and modern to bring together the medicine our time needs most. A strong sense of independence is earned through this process as well as the opportunity to recognize and overcome personal challenges and an invitation to explore and integrate our unique flavour and interests.


This program is for those called to reconnect with the wisdom of nature and enter into deep personal exploration. It’s for those committed to knowing themselves, helping others and bringing more balance to this world. For those ready to go on this transformative journey, I couldn’t recommend it enough."


~ Danielle Caners, MB 



How to Register for this Online Learning Series: 


Please email us to apply for the program, or to find out more details if you have any questions.  In general it is a start when you can, go at your pace, and you can even split the payment as you go if needed.  Our email is [email protected]

There is one advised but optional textbook to order online but it is optional,  the cost is about $50.  

Special Note: If you complete this series and decide that you want to continue studies then you will have automatic entry into the Integrative Apprenticeship Program and Module One.  You will then be given access to the school learning Module Hub, Wisdom Vault and Monthly School Meetings.  The textbook mentioned above is needed for Module One.  

The cost for this entire series is 25% off until March of 2024.  The cost for this entire series is $349.00.  We do offer for you to pay in two instalments over a 3 month period if needed.   If you would really like to take this course, and can truly not afford it, then you can apply for one of our sliding scale course spots.  







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