Medicine Knowledge Carrier Program

This apprenticeship program is designed to guide students on their quest to learn key fundamentals of herbalism / plant medicine knowledge so individuals can contribute to their families and communities in a healing way. We are in a very unique time in history when natural healing methods are more important than ever. Using plants, foods, and medicinal mushrooms as medicine is a part of all of our ancestry and we are in an era when we can integrate some of the best of the ancient traditions of East and West of old and new. The best of technology and science as well as time tested shamanic and yogic understandings. If students complete this level of training they are eligible to apply to the next level of the program towards becoming a fully qualified Integrative Herbalist.



Course Content Outline


1.   Historical & Present Trends in Herbal Medicine & Basic Botany and Basic Physiology (Compulsory unless you completed the Next Generation Online Learning Program)


Discussions with Chad Cornell


Text: Textbook of Modern Herbology

Estimated Time: 2 months (70 hours of Study)

Assignment: Essay and Quiz

Cost $425


2.  Ayurvedic Wisdom - Elemental Perspectives & Holistic Cosmology (Compulsory)

Texts:  The Yoga of Herbs (60 hours of study) 

Assignments: Creating a Practical Elemental Herb Chart, Questions, Oral Quiz, Essay.

Estimated Time: 1.5 months

Cost: $425


3.   Fundamentals In Physiology (Compulsory)

Texts (2) : Holistic Anatomy & The Human Body Colouring Book (optional but suggested). 


Assignments: Handing in Questions and Colouring Assignment

Estimated Time: 2 Months (80 Hours).

Cost: $399


4.   Manitoba Herbal Medicine Course (audio, video or attendance).  (Compulsory)


Text: Our Common Roots - Online Learning - Audio & Podcast

Written Assignment - choosing your main herbs locally.  

Estimated Time:  1 month of Audio and Text Study & Review (25 hours)


Cost: $249



5.  Preparing Herbal Remedies (Compulsory):


Text: Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook


Estimated Time: 2 months (60 hours)


Assignment:  Ethical Wildcrafting, Properly Drying herbs, Making 2 salves, 3 folk tinctures, a sits bath blend, decoctions, oils, and infusions. Discussing formulas, storage, drying methods. Choosing your primary herbs of interest (24 with basic rationale), and one other specialty remedy to make such as a healing bath, jello, soap / wash, or flower essence.  


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