AOR Advanced B Complex 180 capsules

Award Winning B-Vitamin ComplexThe most active forms of the B-vitamins

Balanced ratios and clinically-supported doses
Support for energy, stress, metabolism and nerve function

AOR Advanced B Complex 90 capsules

Award Winning B-Vitamin ComplexThe most active forms of the B-vitamins

Balanced ratios and clinically-supported doses
Support for energy, stress, metabolism and nerve function

AOR Bacopa Enlighten 60 caps

Ayurvedic Support for Healthy Mental Function

A powerful plant extract for improving mental function
Helps improve memory and focus
Protects the nervous system and boosts antioxidant defenses in the brain
Clinically researched and used for centuries

AOR C + Bioflavonoids 100 caps

More Effective Than Vitamin C Alone

Vitamin C enhanced with natural bioflavonoids
Superior antioxidant support
Clinically researched ingredients

AOR Curcuviva 60 caps

A Maintenance Dose for Mild Pain and Inflammation

Moderate-dose optimized curcumin from turmeric
Free from rapid breakdown by the body
Remains in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours
Supports the joints, digestion, liver health and more

AOR DGL 760 60 caps

A Safe and Effective Gastro Protective Compound

Licorice root extract free of blood pressure-increasing compounds
Reduces intestinal inflammation and relieves heartburn
Inhibits the growth of H. pylori
Activates protective digestive system mechanism

AOR IBD Relief 120 caps

Multi-Target Relief for Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Provides key enzymes for improved digestion and nutrient absorption
Promotes healthy intestinal flora
Clinically researched herbs and nutrients to control gastrointestinal inflammation

AOR Maca 180 caps

Increase your Vitality
A Peruvian root traditionally used as an adaptogen
Supports sexual function & psychological wellbeing for men and women
Helps relieve menopausal symptoms and balance hormone levels
Socially & ecologically responsible harvesting

AOR Mastica Chios 120 caps

Heal and Protect your GI Tract from Ulcers

A health-promoting gum resin derived from the Pistacia lentiscus tree
Helps heal and soothe peptic and gastric ulcers
Inhibits Helicobacter pylori
Relieves gastric and intestinal inflammation

AOR Maxi Boz II

Alleviates the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
A herb with remarkable anti-inflammatory properties
Supports healthy joint function
Helps relieve pain
Provides a standardized extract backed by clinical research

AOR NanoVailable Inflammation Relief 60 cap

Naturally Reduce Pain and Inflammation in a Powerful Way

The most effective herbal anti-inflammatory formula available
Reduces pain in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
Includes three powerful anti-inflammatory herbs enhanced for better absor

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AOR Ortho Sleep 60 caps

AOR Ortho Sleep 60 caps

A Natural Solution to Promote Restful Sleep

The most comprehensive, natural sleep formula available
Helps one fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed
Bronze winner of the 2013 Optimyz Best of the Best Awards

AOR Prostaphil-2 90 caps

A Powerful Formula for an Enlarged Prostate

Reduces the size and relieves symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH)
Reduces discomfort associated with prostate inflammation
Lowers PSA levels
Carefully crafted blend of European pollen extracts

AOR Rhodiola 60 caps

Rhodiola rosea is an herb with a long history of use for helping the body to adapt to the stressors of life. Rhodiola has been listed in the national pharmacopoeias of France, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia as an adaptogen and overall “brain tonic”. Adaptoge

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AOR Tryfonia Max 60 caps

AOR Tryfonia Max 60 caps

Supports Healthy Mood Balance.

• Helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
• Improves sleep patterns
• May help to alleviate migrainesTryfonia is L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) derived from Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract. 5-HTP is a met

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