Lotus Lounge ~ Up Coming and On Going Events!

We are happy to announce some upcoming events at 
The Lotus Lounge

Community Use Space:

We are happy to announce some upcoming events at 
The Lotus Lounge

Community Use Space:

Guided Meditations with Chad Cornell - Thursdays - Starting January 30th at 6:15 please email for details: [email protected]

Chad Cornell teaches a specific kind of meditation he calls Jyoti.  It is a culmination of many years of study with various teachers of a variety different backgrounds.  This style of meditation is designed for realizing inner calm, clarity, and a feeling of well being.  Ultimately, it is designed for healing and rejuvenation, but it also develops an inner sanctuary of calm in the storm of life.   Jyoti is a mind body therapy especially designed to provide deep healing experiences for virtually anyone who engages in the process.

This is not simply "a calm your mind and body" meditation - it is also a method of breaking through and transforming inner patterns of resistance and emotional baggage that are not serving us as we head towards our greater potential.  Essentially Jyoti (which means inner radiance) helps us connect to our own true nature - which is peaceful, ease-ful, and joyfully compassion and wise.  Jyoti, though carrying many "bare bones" aspects of traditional meditation, is a kind of nature "attune-ment" which utilizes plants, oils, and key healing sounds along with a guided visualization process.  

Whether it be anxiety, or despair, confusion or chronic negativity and resentment - the Jyoti ~ Heart Space Meditation is a great ally towards accessing inner peace, clarity, and happiness.  It's recommended that your first session is in private and booked through Hollow Reed Holistic.  Starting early in the new year there will be group sessions available.

Please email chad at [email protected] if you would like to explore this timeless yet unique healing method.  




Climate Gathering - with Anessa Maize

Regenerate & Reconnect - How I went from climate anxiety to a calm connect space and action (and how you can too)

Join others in a series of creative conversations that explore another way to approach the "climate change" dilemma and offer ideas for changes we can make to create a new story on earth.

Includes short video clips from Charles Eisenstein 


From 7 - 9pm   ~   Feb 11 & 25th and March 10th & 24th and April 7th.


By Donation ~ Please contact Annessa Maize at:   [email protected]




Academics for Climate 
Join us for an evening of information and action, tea and talk about solutions for a Climate in Crisis. In support of Manitoba Eco Network.

**Evidence supporting human induced climate change** 

Speaker: Dr. Britt Hall, Department of Biology, University of Regina 

Location: The Lotus Lounge, Hollow Reed Holistic 

Date: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 7:00 pm

"The consensus is in: Evidence supporting human induced climate change” 

Dr. Britt Hall will present three lines of evidence supporting the scientific consensus that our global climate is changing in response to increased greenhouse gas emissions released by human activities. The overarching goal of her talk, which is also part of the Academics for Climate - University of Regina Community Speaking Series, is to provide concerned citizens with information that will help them to be confident participating in actions supporting our climate. 

Hollow Reed Holistic is located on Treaty 1 territory, the traditional lands of the Cree, Oji-Cree, Anishnaabeg, Dakota and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Metis Nation.





Qi Gong - Shaolin Wushu, & Staff Classes with Grand Master James Wright  

- Monday evenings at 6:55

I live,study and teach Shaolin kung fu everyday to many different groups and individuals. My love for the arts shows in my teachings and my students as well.  Peace and harmony is part of every day life. No judgements, No egos, just a simple life.  Classes will include learning Staff and also wushu style Kung fu.  
For more information on James Wright you can check him out on Facebook.Personal healing sessions are also available with James upon request! 
To try a class please text Cheryl at (204) 299-1111 for more info!



Taiji / Tai Chi with Susan Nash - Wednesday Mornings at 10:15

A write up from Susan...

I have been a pratitioner of taiji for 30 years, qigong for 24 years, and practiced Kung fu 4 times a week for 5 years.  I have attended an Internal Martial Arts Retreat in Vancouver every year for the past 16 years being taught by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang.  I have attended many workshops given by masters from Canada, U.S. and China.  I attended the 2006 International Taiji Forum and performed Wu Style Taiji, being assessed by Master Eddie Wu, the head of the Wu Family Taiji, and received a certificate and his blessing to continue to teach taiji.

Some of the forms I practice are Circular Wu Taiji, 13 Posture Taiji, 42 Combined Competition Style Taiji, Liuhebafa, Wuji, 12 Animals, 32 & 42 Sword.

I have taught many places in the city, such as, Workers Compensation Board, Culture Heritage Tourism & Sport Manitoba, St. James Assiniboia Health & Social Services, Pembina Trails School Division, Villa Heidelberg, Asian Meditative Traditions Workshop, Sturgeon Creek II, Shaftsbury Park Retirement Residence, Brooklands Community Centre, Robert A. Steen CC, St. Joseph's Residence, staff wellness days at different locations, and of course many other locations.

I have performed for Chinese New Year and Autumn Moon Festivals for Age & Opportunity Centre for the past 16 years.

I continue to study with visiting masters of different internal martial arts forms when the opportunity arises.

My journey in taiji began in Montreal.  I had been participating in various exercise routines, aerobics, jazz Ballet and without warning, suddenly was stricken with pneumonia which developed into chronic fatigue syndrome and for a whole year I was unable to do anything except care for my young children and do only basic chores, being so very, very tired all the time.  After a year I decided I wanted to try dancing again so I went to a class and I could not keep up physically.  A lady there told me they were teaching taiji in the same place.  So, I decided to try it because I wanted to use my brain as well (as in the dancing) and not just jump about as in aerobics.

The taiji was taught in French and I was not bilingual but understood some of the terms so I had to pay particular attention to what was being done and not what was being said.  I think this helped me learn "how to learn" taiji movements.  The taiji eventually restored my health and energy and I have been a practitioner ever since.

I highly recomment taiji to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their balance, co-ordination, concentration, flexibility, endurance, bone density, blood pressure.
Over time, with practice, taiji will relieve stress from body and mind while changing your mindset to be more tolerant, resilient and forgiving.

Taiji is challenging to learn but so rewarding when you finally master some of the movements.  The learning is ongoing as the more you practice, the more your body changes which in turn changes how you are able to perform the movements, like a never ending circle of taiji learning.  Taiji teaches you "how to learn".

Circular Wu Taiji is more internal, with small, natural stepping which allows you to focus on your internal energy centre (the dantian) where all movement begins thereby allowing more control of your taiji space as well as feeling the connection with the ground which gives power ad strength to each movement.

emailSusan at:   [email protected]



Mira Black LIVE!   ~ March 1 at 7pm ~ $25 

with Special guest Gilles Fournier


We are so blessed to have this amazing local musician


Soundscape Sunday - with OmDza Healing Sounds - Jan, Feb, March,


Soundscape Sundays with Om-Dza Sound Healing

January 26th, 2020, 7-8:30pm (40-45min soundscape)

February 23rd, 2020, 2-3:30pm (40-45min soundscape)

March 29th, 2020, 2-3:30pm (40-45min soundscape)

Cost: $15 in advance or at the door

Location: Hollow Reed Holistic, 875 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contact Info: Daniel Hollenberg, PhD, Integrative Health Coach and Sound Healer, [email protected], (204)-588-2321.

Event Description:

Sound is becoming increasingly important and re-recognized as an essential catalyst for transformational healing. These sound healing sessions will create and provide a 40-45 minute healing “soundscape” for participants, led by Daniel Hollenberg, PhD, Integrative Health Coach and Sound Healer. A variety of instruments will be played “live”, including Australian didgeridoo, to create a lasting, vibrational sound effect centering on the age-old sound of the drone. Participants are asked to bring a Yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow (as needed) to relax into a comfortable sitting/lying position. Benefits of sound healing include increased relaxation, better sleep, enhanced mood and memory, lower stress, reduced physical pain and enhanced immune system. Intuitive personal insights are also possible during soundscapes. Each session will last approximately 40-45 minutes, and will vary slightly between sessions, including the addition of guest sound practitioners. Tea will be available after each session.




Wilds of Poetry Gatherings 

A group to share and enjoy poetry and spoken word.  Come and share your own poems or some of your favourites from other authors.  

Last Fridays of the month at 6:30 



Celebration Day for Girls

Is a special day for mothers (or female caregivers) and daughters, ages 10 - 12 years old, to celebrate the significant threshold of puberty and menarche (a girls first period). This workshop prepares you and your daughter with positive information, fun activities and supportive discussion around menstruation.

The workshops format includes 2 sessions:

Mothers Session - During this session,  we will go through the content of the workshop and offer Mothers the chance to express their hopes and wishes for the celebration day and ask questions. This session will be held IN APRIL, 2020 from 7 - 9 pm.  The location will be confirmed upon registration. 

Mother/Daughter Session - at the Celebration Day Workshop you can expect lively discussion, fun activities, women's stories and honouring of the magical threshhold of puberty and menarche where the girls spend the morning on their own with the facilitator and then Mothers (and Grandmothers who are available and wish to participate) join in the afternoon.  This will take place on Sunday IN APRIL, at Hollow Reed Holistic in Winnipeg, MB.

The cost of the workshop is $150.00, plus a booking fee, per mother and daughter duo. Payment options are available on enquiry to suit your family's situation.

Celebration Day for Girls supports girls to have a positive outlook how they look, think and feel at this stage of their lives, empowering them to be happier, more resilient, confident and connected young women. Many participants report their mother-daughter relationship is enriched through this workshop.

Space is limited.  Get your tickets early to ensure a spot for you and your daughther! 

You can contact Kathy with any questions by phone at (204) 558-1172 and by email at

[email protected].






Shambala Dharma Meditation Group - Mid-week gatherings starting in March please stay tuned!







Poetry, Sound, & Acoustic Percussion Events - Starting alternate Fridays in January









Richard Moody, Saturday Dec 28th - Tobacco & Rose - Songs of Personal and Planetary Healing 

Note: date changed from Dec 27th to Dec 28th. SOLD OUT 

Such Excitement! Tobacco and Rose is a project I have been developing for the last 2 years. Much of the music was born from work with plant medicine, sitting in healing circle, and being inspired to write like I haven't in 20 years. This music is all being premiered this December.

The music is spiritual; reverential to mother nature and the heart of human experience, but also sophisticated harmonically and lyrically, a nod to my inspiration by some of the greats such as Dylan, Cohen, Bach, Shiva, Kali, Dr. Seuss, etc...

These songs have been my medicine; I would now like to offer them to my community and to the world. Excited to give the first concert in Hollow Reed's New Lotus Lounge! there will be refreshments available.

tickets are limited to 33! Buy in advance. It will sell out.

Doors 7pm show 7:30pm

tickets $20 - Please find Richard Moody on FaceBook to find the link to purchase 

In gratitude,





Diving Deep, Flying High With Deb and Wonn

An immersive intensive 

Deborah Judith and Wonnita MacDonald combine meditation and soul power practices which will raise your vibration to experience greater levels of love, peace and harmony in daily life. 

Date: Friday, January 31, 2020

Time: 7-9 PM

Place: Hollow Reed Holistic 875 Corydon Avenue 


Love Offering: $49/person or bring a friend and each pay $39


After years of studying and developing our own practices working through anxiety, depression, low self worth, anger, trauma, etc.; we are delighted to collaborate on a series of workshops and courses designed to assist you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Who exactly are we :)

Deborah Judith has been a teacher of the arts for over 40 years. As a concert pianist, she will captivate your heart and help you reach higher states of consciousness. Deborah has travelled to India to study with gurus, has been a student of Soul Power and the Tao Academy since 2006 and is a Certified Tao Healing Hands Practitioner. Deborah is committed to empowering people to access their inner wisdom and healing abilities.

Wonnita MacDonald is a Master Certified Life Coach and Advanced Consciousness Meditation Facilitator whose passion and purpose is to share radical new ways to navigate through life and align with your life’s purpose. Says Wonnita, “The time has come for us to wake up, to step out confidently, to love deeply, to laugh loudly, to dance to the beat of our hearts, to embrace our diversity, and to take a conscious role in the unfolding of the story of our lives!”

We invite you to dive deep and fly high with us on Friday, January 31, 2020 from 7:00 – 9:00pm and experience the joy of our combined frequencies. To paraphrase Deborah, “If you want to know if the pear is sweet, taste it!”


For more information and to purchase a ticket, please email [email protected]gmail.com or you may text Deb at (204)899-3127 or Wonnita at (204) 872-3965.








Tuning Into Prosperity, Jan. 12th - with Sound Healer and Consciousness Facilitator Tara Lee Ayotte

With the new energy of 2020 offering a gift of potent inspiration, I welcome you to join me for an afternoon of powerful insights, advanced mindfulness teachings and guided crystal sound activations to lift and enliven your body, mind and spirit for the 2020 year ahead!

Open the gates of abundance during this highly transformative and interactive afternoon, while learning to tap into and trust your own inner guidance to align with your highest calling and life experience.

This is a divinely timed opportunity to:

Delve into the unique blocks that could be holding you back from moving forward with more grace and ease and joy

Experience channeled Alchemy Crystal Sound Activations to help reprogram outdated thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving your greatest and highest interest

Access advanced mindfulness and breathing techniques to harness the power of the presence

Gain clarity on your dreams, goals and desires while learning to master your mindset through discovering your Financial, Relationship and Life Set Points

Imagine, what is possible that you don't know is possible, that if you tapped into even just 10% of it your life would change?!
What kind of life would you choose if you were choosing for you?

Join me this coming January for an uplifting and inspiring afternoon of aligning with your most fulfilling and authentic success, all while tapping into the flow of abundance in 2020!

DATE: Sunday January 12
TIME: 1:00-4:00pm
LOCATION: The Lotus Lounge (Hollow Reed Holistic) 875 Corydon Ave.
Cost: $67

Register at: https://www.sacredearthadventures.com/event/tuning-into-prosperity/

Or e-transfer at [email protected] (pw: abundance)








Group Breathwork with Danielle and Shawn - January18th  & March 

Journey with Breathwork: Breathe into your new year! 

Join us for a transformative inner journey like no other, guided by your own breath! Let's set our intentions for the year ahead using our 2020 vision ;) 

Many leave breathwork sessions feeling revitalized and inspired to take action in life, from a place of renewed clarity and inner peace. Conscious connected breathwork offers a channel to explore the wisdom of your body, moving through personal obstructions to unlock new possibilities in your life. 
You'll be guided into deep rhythmic breathing, lasting about an hour and a half. In this time, you'll receive support from your facilitators to enhance the experience. This is a safe and self-empowered inner journey that can catalyze amazing transformation!

While every session is unique, some commonly experienced benefits are:

* Greater ease in breathing

* Detoxification of the body and oxygenation of the cells.
* Releasing tension, stress and anxiety
* Transforming of limiting beliefs
* Greater ease in relationships
* Clearing blockages
* Healing womb and birth trauma
* Increased sense of aliveness, compassion and joy
* Inner peace and deep relaxation of mind and body.
* Heightened states of creativity
* Gaining clarity and new perspectives on life and tapping into your inner guidance and truth

You have endless wisdom within yourself; this practice and space allows greater access to it.


DATE: Saturday, January 18th 2020
TIME: 6:30-9:30 pm
LOCATION: Hollow Reed Holistic (875 Corydon Ave) 

REGISTRATION: To reserve your spot, please email your name(s) and contact information, followed by an e-transfer sent to [email protected] (Please use password: breathwork) 
or reach out for additional information and/or payment options. 

*Due to space limitations and in consideration of offering all participants as much individual attention as possible, there are only 12 spaces available. We recommend registering today to guarantee your spot*

**If finances are an obstacle, we offer one partially subsidized scholarship registration. Please reach out to inquire. If you feel called to be present, we want to make that possible**

Danielle Caners and Shaun Scrymgeour are both graduates of the Numa Somatics Integrative
Breathwork Therapy training. This practice combines breathwork, somatic
bodywork and supplementary exercises to this holistic approach of working with mind, body
and spirit.

In addtion, Danielle is a gifted artist, certified health coach and herbalist in practicum. Shaun is also a certified BARS practitioner. They practice and share their work locally and internationally with individuals and groups.
*To reserve your space today or for any questions you may have, please send a note to Danielle at [email protected] or Shaun at [email protected] *










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