OCR Online Herbal Wisdom Series

Join professional herbalists Chad Cornell M.H. and Robert Rogers RH (AHG) in an online study program designed to deepen your practical knowledge of medicinal plants, wild foods, and the philosophy behind their use. 

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Our mission is to offer a quality audio and video journey into the art and science of herbal medicine and natural healing. We offer a high quality herbal video learning series, audio course, field guide and content from two of North Americas most passionate, educated, and experienced herbal healers. 

We’ll explore the history of healing, the role of Herbalism presently as well as it’s great future importance. One key question to start with is - what is medicine or healing really and what role can the herbalist play in such a process? Is it limited to our view of chemistry and the mechanisms of the body?  We also explore some essentials in natural healing such as; seeing the body as an ecosystem, the role of Vital Energy or Qi and the true potential of sound health.  There is a detailed look at the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, as well as how we're literally made up of a balance of them all. Most of all this is a journey towards greater health and vitality, and a greater sense of connection to the natural world we are a part of.  You will find professionally made videos and audio classes and, of course, a full screening of our award winning documentary film Our Common Roots - Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing with Plants included. 



  1. Over 35 information packed videos with Robert Rogers, Chad Cornell 
  2. Complete Herbal Medicine Series audio Course by Chad Cornell (7 hours)
  3. Our Common Roots the full film / documentary covering many North American healing plants.  
  4. Herbal Field Guide. Downloadable PDF
  5. Foundations in Ayurveda, Elemental Perspectives & Holistic Cosmology 
  6. Herbal preparations: videos 
  7. Masters & Elders - Continuing Education with interviews and presentations from herbal elders and teachers

REGISTRATION:  PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] 

Cost $225.00 and you will receive a password and instructions to access the program.



1.  Our Common Roots. On-line viewing of this inspiring and educational award winning film. 

2.  OCR: Herbal Field Guide. Downloadable PDF.

3.  Plant Walk Videos - Robert Rogers and Chad Cornell (with a combined 60 years of experience) discuss a plethora of plants, their herbal properties and real world use based on their deep insight as practicing herbalists.

4.  Audio Courses Herbal Medicine Series (Over 7 hours):

  • Herbalism: The History of the Living Tradition
  • A New Generation of Herbalists - Healing Our Past
  • The Importance of Food & Medicine Security
  • The Elementals – Ayurveda and Beyond, 
  • Body as Ecosystem / Ecosystem as Body
  • The Fundamental Actions of Herbs - Key Terminology 
  • Intro to Creating Formulas
  • Intro to Preparations
  • The Art of Healing
  • Food as Medicine
  • Wild Harvesting Chart
  • Essential Herbs for Every Home
  • Plants & Consciousness
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Designing Your Own Medicine Chest
  • Grassroots Health Care
  • Preparing for Change

6.  Herbal remedies videos - instruction about preparing formulas, infusions, poultices and more.

7. Interviews and Presentations - A continuing education series of videos and podcasts. Program members will have exclusive access to discussions from prominent herbal elders such as Dr. Terry Willard Cl.H. Maya Tiwari, renowned spiritual teacher - Ayurveda pioneer, Vedic scholar, and many others.






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OCR Online Herbal Wisdom Series

1. Over 35 information packed Videos with Herbalist's Robert Rogers, and Chad Cornell
2. Complete Herbal Medicine Series Audio Course by Chad Cornell (7 hours)
3. Our Common Roots: The Full Film / Doc. Covering Over 20 plants
4. Herbal Field Guide

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