Guided Meditation

Meditation is a vague word and means different things to different people.  One of the reasons for this is that there are so many different kinds of meditation with different goals.  There are mindfulness based meditations designed to help with calming the mind and de-stressing.  There are also helping meditations that not only help us access the deeper healing potential of the body and mind but also increase the potential for us to contact deep insight into our lives, emotional / mental challenges, and unconscious pattern that cause us undue suffering.  

Chad Cornell teaches a specific kind of meditation that is a culmination of many years of study with various teachers of different backgrounds.  This style of meditation, known as the Heart Space Meditation, is especially designed to provide deep healing experiences for virtually anyone who engages in the process.  This is not simply "a calm your mind and body" meditation - it is also a method of breaking through and transforming old inner patterns that are not serving us as we head towards our greater potential.  Whether it be anxiety, or despair, confusion or chronic negativity and resentment - the Heart Space Meditation is a great ally towards accessing inner peace, clarity, and happiness.  

Personal Guided Meditations via Skype or in person are 1 hour and $80.  It is suggested that you record it so that you can use it for many years to come.  Please email or call 204 786-0820 to book your meeting with Chad.  

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