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What is Energy Healing?

Of course we require good nutrition, and as clean an environment as possible, but nature is comprised of much more than parts and chemistry - nature is truly energy. In fact energy flow (or lack of) is the underlying causative foundation of of health and disease.

It is extremely hard to heal, or experience joy and vitality, when our thoughts and emotions are toxic and our internal energy is stuck or blocked. Inner conflict, negative thought patterns, toxic relationships at work or in our home environments are are major contributors to illness. The traditional, ancient and time tested, view of disease is primarily related to how energy and emotions are experienced and processed by the individual. If emotion is not processed it is not released e-motion is meant to be energy in motion. When energy blocks it cuts off areas of our being from it's natural vitality. There are different layers to this topic ranging from the primary elements we are all made of - water, earth, air, fire, water, and ether, but also the vital force that flows through all of creation in general.

Vitality or energy is not just a thing - it is intelligence.  Nature is not some hap hazard random mutation bumble as some scientists might have us believe. Nature is profoundly intelligent and it is always seeking harmony or homeostasis.  A large part of that intelligence is what has been called prana, chi, vital force, and élan vital.  Our stressful modern lifestyles and living conditions have lead us out of balance and we require practices that help us restore it.  

This is where energy healing comes in. Though this is only an umbrella term and there are many varieties and methods of "energy healing" the foundational approach is to help restore the natural state of health we are meant to be in. In many ways, energy healers are really acting as ushers or midwives to our natural flow of energy which seeks to reconnect us within and without.  

They help us to remove blockages, and clear way negative energy patterns kind of like a plumber would a drain but also like a musician would tune a guitar or a harp. The difference is that we are not using plungers we are using sound, breath, visualization, movement, affirmation, awareness and other tools like flower essences, herbs, and healing oils.


Energy Healing is not a Religion 

Energy healing does not require that one be a "religious person" but it does require an sincere openness to a healing process that transcends "us" as we know ourselves. We are very boxed in in our modern era, we tend to think in very limited and reductionist ways. Though superstition s not the goal ether, we do need to be open to new ways of finding solutions to the health epidemics of today.

Sometimes religion can be a part of our blockages because of the fear or repression that it can generate which inhibits our authentic self and flow. These repressions are rarely ever due to something shared by the original teachers like Jesus or Buddha but more due to the powerful hierarchical empires that followed after them which sought to control and guide the masses. We do not need to throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak but we do need to see the difference between repressive religious dogma and the timeless spiritual truth of wisdom and compassion.  

However, "anti religious" types can be equally as stuck, fanatical, and filled with blockages as anyone else. Religion, or any belief system, should ideally strengthen ones spiritual life and sense of being vital, filled with purpose, and living in harmony with all that is and the Great Mystery of being. Many modern people who belong to no particular religion can be very spiritual and "tuned in" to a healthy state because they have grasped the essence of the perennial timeless message message that can cure the ills of ignorance. The essence contains love and wisdom, but with also come the skill and the means to clear negative patterns away from our lives.

After all, let's remember that health is a state of being - we are all seeking a state of health and the health of the body is directly linked to the health of the mind and emotions. If we are not in the right mind set, or too filled up with bad vibes, disgusting feelings, or repressed energies of resentment and fear then we are not able to be in a state of health no matter how many supplements we take.

So energy healing works on the premise that many of our key personal challenges stem from an inability to relax and "centre ourselves" to contact our natural self or our true essence. Once we are guided to do so our vital life energy can flow through us without blockage and we can live the lives we came here to live. Of course we will still feel sadness at times, and anger and so on, but we will be grounded much more deeply into our own inner sense of being totally and completely connected to something which carries profound healing and joy with it.

Without understanding this timeless art of being we are kind of like shipwrecked on the shores of a raging sea, disoriented and at the mercy of bandits! The bandits are the negative collective thought pattens, and karmic personal and familial patterns that bind us to a life of dis-ease and tortured states of being.

Energy healing is simply a term to create an introduction to this timeless corrective practice of inner alignment, deep cleansing, and the rediscovery of our true nature of peace and bliss. In this way we can heal our body, but the deeper work is on the much more subtle level of the soul.  The general experience may involve standing, sitting, or lying clothed on a massage table.  There may be laying on of hands, the use of smudge, bells, singing bowl, flute, drum, etc depending on the needs of the session.

To book a session in person or online or to have any questions answered you can call or email Hollow Reed.  Sessions amounts are $80 - $100 for 1 - 1.5 hour sessions. If this is out of your price range please let us know and we will seek to find an amount that honours the exchange of time and energy.








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